Hey! I've been doing this for 10 years now! The transitions, joy, tears, heartbreak, success, and bouts with failure all partnered alongside leaps and advances in my style, and ultimately my career.


My husband and I are officially empty-nesters, we are military parents, parents-in-law, and faithful servants in our community and the local church. At the end of the day, my heart ticks for God’s glory first and capturing His beauty second.  

Photography is not just a tool to provide people with a keepsake, but an unforgettable experience, personal attention to the finest details, and the highest quality art for display in your home or business use.


I was recently asked, “Why would I book me??”, here is my response:

I offer a unique style of fine art portraiture. It’s modern, it’s creative, and it’s YOU. A photo experience with me means to trust my vision of how to capture the essence of who you really are. I work with you to define a look that you will love and design a session that is uniquely, well, YOU. 

Let me tell you what makes me click. I’m a creative. I just create, all the time, something is brewing inside my head. Every moment it’s a song or an image I want to create, or a new recipe I want to try, or a flower I want to grow, or a room I want to redecorate. All.the.time. I can’t stop this. It’s my desire to learn to see God's creative work in everything. He did create literally everything. It’s all His & I love it. 

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